Our garden has the most wonderful array of hydrangeas I have ever seen. I am not going to pretend to be a gardener but having a house with a distinguished garden leads one to want to learn.


Our garden has many different type  beautiful  plants  including hydrangeas and amazing roses of every colour.

Last Summer the lovely Jane and Mum went out and came back with another five wonderful hydrangea plants. All doing very well indeed.

On Friday I appeared on Sky news with our garden hydrangeas
All images by Tony Lee

some social media friends normally comment on the dress or my hair needing styling or counting how many times I have worn that ‘outfit’ before.

But this time after a very tragic news story I was commenting on the Bethnal Green girl who went to Syria being killed the feed back from my Social media crowd was on the hydrangea display next to me on the television.

And indeed if you completely ignored what I was saying and the importance the flower arrangement was what was suddenly at the forefront of my groups mind.

I believe the effort goes as followers

Looked after by Jane , watered by T, Picked by Mum and beautifully arranged by Nessy, phew what a team!

Our house is now full of gorgeous displays dazzling us all. There are displays in the hall, kitchen and even the loo!

I really wished they had a fragrance, if they smelt of our roses that would be heavenly.

All images by Tony Lee

I think more people should think about having hydrangeas in their garden or grow them in pots. Evergreen and magnificent and if allowed to dry on the plant can be sprayed exquisite colours to enhance a Christmas arrangements.

So our amazing hydrangeas are now as seen on TV! Pretty cool having a famous flower arrangement enjoying its 3 minutes of fame!