Black lives matter

Black lives matter Aneeta Prem author
Aneeta Prem author Black lives matter

Black lives matter

Aneeta Prem is an author who truly believes black lives matter, do you?

Just three little words, a movement, the tragic shooting in 2012 of Trayvon Martin in the United States. A movement that has grown in momentum especially since the horrific murder of George Perry Floyd Jr. On the 25th of May 2020 in Minneapolis. Floyd was an African American and being killed by a police office has seen protests spread from the USA to around the world.


‘It is through education and teaching that all of us need to understand the importance of history. The real history. February, the month that celebrates Black History is not enough. Imperialism racism slavery how countries made their money on the lives of slaves trafficked into the US, UK and throughout the world.’

Today as the tension mounts throughout the world what can really be done?

No one is saying one person’s life is more important than another but people of colour, there lives matter too.

Aneeta Prem’s book Cut Flowers is really important because it demonstrates how important it is that black lives matter.


Prem works hard not to discriminate or show bias but sensitively demonstrates how if you were the friend of Katie as a character Sophia demonstrates you can make a difference you, can save lives

In Prem’s other novel But it’s not Fair Aneeta Prem highlights the issue of force marriage particularly in those from Southeast Asia. Prem’s books are part of the national curriculum and both have PHSE Association accredited lesson plans and teach all children the need to understand the issue of force marriage and FGM.

Prem makes an important contribution in saving lives of those of colour. Prem set up Freedom Charity to save lives.

Freedom Charity distribute these books Cut Flowers and But it’s not Fair for free to all children.

Freedom charity has already donated over 55 thousand of these books to children.

cut flowers by Aneeta Prem black lives matter
Cut flowers by Aneeta Prem book to EndFGM

Do we really care about the lives of non-white children?  If we do Prem’s work needs to be recognised and the charity properly funded. For her books to be distributed to all children throughout the UK and beyond. For the lessons that come with the books to be taught. This is not a crowded market and Freedom Charity has amazing resources despite the lack of funding Prem told me.

If we are going to make a difference, if we really do care, if we are not just paying lip service to wanting to make a change in this country and around the world.  We must take notice, we must do something, we cannot sit in silence and see racism cruelty and barbaric acts continue.

Make a difference buy and read these books, save lives. Aneeta Prem is an author who truly believes black lives matter, do you?