Amina Al-Jeffery Freedom Charity demands she must be brought home

At 17 Amina Al-Jeffery was taken by her father to  Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in 2012,  he claimed to ‘save her life’. She had allegedly kissed a boy. Amina has dual nationality.

Today the judge Mr Justice Holman ruled she must be allowed back to the UK as she had been  ‘deprived of her liberty.’  Amina Al-Jeffery father must help his daughter to return to the UK.

Father won’t let Amina Al-Jeffery come home

Her father Mohammed Al-Jeffery tried to gag the press from the reporting the story . Mr Al-Jeffery denied holding his daughter against her will. When Amina Al-Jeffery escaped from her father and ended up in a refuge, Mr Al-Jeffery had his daughter brought back home and an order was made to effectively keep her under his control.

The real problem with this case is that  despite a very clear ruling  that there is very little that can be done to enforce the order that the judge has clearly ruled on that Amina comes home. Her father chose to spend many years in the UK.

She  has spent most of her life in the UK and her mother and sibling still live in Swansea.

Once the ruling was announced Freedom Charity  were asked to comment on BBC Breaking News.

The reality is Amina  case is not isolated many young girls are forced abroad by their families. Amina Al-Jeffery contacted her friends to try and get back to the UK. There are still big obstacles in Amina Al-Jeffery way.

Amina has suffered physical abuse and she also said that her father had strangled her.

Forced to live a lie.

Forced to live a life that she was not brought up into.

An amazing human rights lawyer, Anne-Marie Hutchinson QC ensured this case came to court. After Amina contacted Anne- Marie. By email. She was described as the most ‘compelling client.’

We hope that the media coverage and the UK government can ensure Amina comes home before the 11th of  September, where she can rebuild her life.