charity knitting freedom’s red triangle fgm

I have a confession to make , I can’t knit or crochet. So launching a charity knitting  campaign to raise awareness on FGM may seem a bit odd.

Freedom Charity is asking  all communities to  knit (or crochet) red triangles in it’s  awareness campaign to eradicate FGM. The groups will make their triangles to be worn on the lapel and sell them to friends, family and the community. The funds raised will help Freedom work with schools so they can learn how to deliver essential lessons on FGM. Schools will also receive  copies of my book Cut Flowers to help change opinions on cutting.

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charity knitting red triangle crochet
So during the  charity knitting campaign designed by  the girl who can’t even  knit a stitch, I have never even held a crochet hook, I’m determined to learn and hopefully attempt to sell some too.

My mum Savita’s lovely friend Tricia came up with a really beautiful pattern of a crochet triangle. It looks really elegant.

Having never read a  knitting or crochet pattern I have shown the pattern to experts and all say ‘its  easy to follow.’


Freedom FGM Crochet Red Triangle charity knitting 


Crochet Triangle Pattern


3.5 crochet hook & double knit yarn


Centre  ch 3, join with a slip stitch

Working into centre ring


1st round  ch 2 (stands as dc) htr, tr, ch 2, tr, htr, dc, htr, tc, ch2, tr, htr, dc, htr, tr, 2 ch, tr, htr, then sl st into the 2 ch at the beginning of the round,


 2nd round – ch2 (stands as dc) dc into the tops of the htr and tr below, (dc, ch 2, dc) into 1st corner, then 5 dc into the tops of stitches along second side,

(dc, ch 2, dc) into 2nd corner, then 5 dc into the tops along third side,

(dc, ch 2 dc) into 3rd corner then dc into tops of the tr and htr along the remaining section of 1st row. Then sl st into the 2 ch at the beginning of the round.

Please send me details on how you get on and send me your attempts.