Child Marriage 

 Child Marriage


Child Marriage in the United Kingdom is now illegal.

. This is a momentous leap towards protecting the fundamental human rights of children by introducing a new law that criminalizes child marriage.

The implementation of this law has raised the legal age of marriage to 18.

It makes it crystal clear that child marriage is entirely unacceptable in any form.

This is a major triumph for human rights advocates who have tirelessly campaigned to safeguard the rights of vulnerable children.

forced marriage is an appalling form of abuse that inflicts severe and lasting effects on its victims.

It deprives them children of basic human rights and the freedom to make choices about their lives.

The risks of exploitation, abuse, and even murder are all too real for those who are coerced into marriage.

This is why Aneeta Prem and Freedom Charity have been at the forefront of the battle to end child marriage.  Finally, now that the law has finally been amended.

The new legislation, which applies to England and Wales, makes it a criminal offence to cause a child to marry.  Even in non-legally binding ‘traditional’ ceremonies. This means that vulnerable children will now have better protection. Not just against forced marriage, but also child marriage.  Those who exploit them will be punished with up to 7 years in prison   The new law is an affirmation of the UK government’s unwavering commitment to upholding the fundamental human rights of children.

“I am immensely proud of the work that we have done to bring about this change,” said Aneeta Prem.

“But our fight doesn’t end here.

Fighting forced marriage

We will continue to collaborate with young people, parents, schools, and communities to raise awareness about the dangers of forced marriage .

Provide support to victims of this form of abuse.

We will also continue to advocate for legislative changes in other countries where child marriage is still legal.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children.”


It is essential that we, as a society, continue to raise awareness about the dangers of forced marriage and provide support to its victims.

We must work with other countries where child marriage is still legal to bring about legislative change and end this vile practice once and for all.

The new law sends an unequivocal message that forced marriage is entirely unacceptable, and those who violate it will face severe punishment.

We must come together to eradicate this practice once and for all.

To ensure that all children can live freely without the fear of forced marriage.

This is a moral obligation that we owe to our children.   Let us continue to strive towards a world where all children can live without the burden of forced marriage.