Cutest puppy in the world India Prem

cutest puppy in the world india prem aneeta prem aneeta
Cutest Puppy in the world India Prem

Cutest puppy in the world India Prem

I am sitting here with the cutest puppy in the world India Prem.

I love Shar-Pei’s I believe they are the most beautiful and most intelligent breed of dog in the world.

Shar-Pei’s are super intelligent and very witty. They can be stubborn, aloof and can be headstrong.

India  loves cuddles and hugs.

India is fawn, I would describe her as golden. Her hair soft as silk. She is called a brush coat.

India has cute little ears and a lovely black shiny nose. Shar-Pei’s have a black tongue which is most unusual

India’s pretty thick tail curies over.

cutest puppy in the world india prem aneeta prem aneeta
Cutest puppy in the world India Prem with Aneeta Prem

India has a pretty soft doughnut bed it’s dark grey and super snuggly

India likes to chew, she has an array of chew toys.


All India toys sit on a large shelf under the table and she chooses which one she likes to play with.

Being the cutest puppy in the world she’s shares all her toys and runs around and hands them up to you with her mouth. India has lost her little baby teeth and her new ones are shinny and gleamy.

So how do you know if you have the cuties puppy in the world?

Well I just do, look at her lovely smiling eyes, pretty face and her affectionate nature and you just know.

India is my third Shar-Pei.

Sensei was my first and absolute lovely girl. Sensei was a chocolate Shar-Pei, she was a beautiful gentle girl and we tragically lost her on her at the age of 3 years.

Deeva was my beautiful girl she was with us for eight amazing years and was blue in colour.

India came into our lives a few months ago.

Some dog breeds are unbelievably cute and Shar-Pei are at the top of the list.

As they grew up they remain cute as adult dogs.

Shar-Pie’s come from southern China originally. As puppies Shar-Pei have numerous wrinkles, however as they grow they seem to grow into their skin.






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