Deeva the best dog in the world a blue Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem dog Deeva
Aneeta Prem and Deeva Dog Shar-Pei Picture by Tony Lee

Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem dog Deeva
Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem dog Deeva
Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem dog Deeva
Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem with her darling dog Deeva
Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem dog Deeva
Shar-Pei Aneeta Prem dog Deeva

Deeva the best dog in the world a blue Shar-Pei

‘Unconditional Love’ My darling Deeva Shar-Pei has been a welcome attention to the family.

Shar Pei’s are the most beautiful dogs in the world. Shar-Pei is said to be the oldest breed in the world. A Chinese fighting dog, that was almost existent.

Shar-Pei have Small,  very small cute triangle ears and a curly tail and of course lots of wrinkles.

Deeva had a blue tongue and stood tall and proud.

Loyal, kind, cheeky and most of all loving to those in the family.

Today would have been My darling Deeva’s eighth birthday.

Our beautiful little girl came to us as a bundle of fluff.

I instantly fell head over heals in love with her.

And it was Deeva by name Deeva by nature.

Why was our Shar-Pei called Deeva, well she was born at Diwali time, the Hindu festival of lights.

Shar-Pei And Diva means light. So she was aptly named.

She had the softest coat and I loved the fact she only molted twice a year.

When she first came home after a few weeks she was seriously poorly and kept being sick.

Our vet in London really didn’t have the answers but she was prescribed a food that unknown  to us she was allergic to.

Then when I ran out of the deadly mix and substituted the vets gruel she became slightly better.

The breeder I think was just about money and when I begged her for some advise as to why our little girl was so unwell she didn’t help.

She did give me her vet who at first said we would lose her within the year to renal failure.

We were heart broken but followed his advice on diet and her kidneys healed.


I have always been desperate to return home to an amazing family and Deeva has been a large part of that.

Always super excited for me to return.

We had a game, I would try and sneak in to surprise her and a few times I did.

Wow she would spin around jumping excitedly racing about and so happy.

Shar-Pei Dogs are more than mans best friend they are family

They are our family and any love you give is returned 10 fold.

We are heartbroken and blessed to have such an amazing companion.

Loved my darling mum Savita, and Deeva always need to know where she was, pined for her when she went out and happy when she returned.

Loved playing with Vini chasing her around the sofa.

All her funny habits, tiptoeing over the gravel.

Sitting on the higher ground guarding protecting her family.

I am grateful for every moment and although taken too early, she did not suffer at the end.

Her partner in crime Jake is all lost, missing her.

Today Deeva would have been eight years old.

A legened girl and our best friend

#shar pei love, will remain in our hearts but now her soul is free to fly.