fgm school resources

fgm school resources

Education establishments including  Schools colleges and universities are desperate for excellent fgm school resources.

Freedom charity has worked really hard with the PSHE association to bring a series of outstanding lesson plans on FGM. The lesson plans are  based on my book Cut Flowers.

I am very proud to preview the new advert on Cut flowers and how fgm school resources,that will make fgm easier to teach.

From October the 31st 2015 mandatory reporting for FGM  has been brought in.

Freedom Charity has had countless calls from teachers worried about what to do if a student discloses FGM.

As a result of  schools desperately needing great lessons   Freedom charity have been introduced Cut Flowers and its accredited lesson plans.

The video on above we hope teachers will have the opportunity to watch and encourage them to work with Freedom charity.

Teaching FGM should not be limited to PSHE or citizenship. The lessons are taught in English, English literature drama and RE.

Using a holistic whole school approach we will be able to eradicate FGM in a generation.

The film shows the characters from the book and features the Sophie and Charlie charters.

I hope by sharing the film we can raise awareness and say children from this awful child abuse.

fgm school resources

Teachers who uncover FGM must inform their safe guarding lead and head teacher.

Using the freedom charity app you will find the mandatory reporting information and this is on the freedom charity website too.

So please do something amazing, please share the link and post it on your social media, facebook, twitter and instagram.

I would really welcome your thoughts on the advert, the young people we have shown it too and worked with to produce it have thought it was excellent.

If you get the chance please read lewis Meecham blog on ‘Not in my name’