Best mum in the world – Savita Prem

by her adoring daughter, of course!

Savita Prem Aneeta Prem mum worlds best mum
Savita Prem worlds best mum

Worlds best mum Savita Prem my mum. She is the mother to my sister Vineeta and me, Aneeta. A selfless beautiful human being. A mother who has put us her daughters first her whole life.

Apart from the best Mum in the world, she has become the best Nannie in the world to my Darling Nephew. She is warm kind and very pampering of her gorgeous grandson.

Having the Worlds best mum Savita Prem is not just because she is glamorous beautiful and stylish. Savita has always been ahead of her time when it comes to fashion and style.

As a child I have fond memories of Mum and Dad coming home from shopping in Oxford Street laiden with bags from Marks and Spencers and C&A.

I would insist along with My Darling Dad Chandra Shekhar Prem that Mum do a fashion show trying on her new outfits. Vineeta Dad and I would join in trying on our wonderful new clothes they had brought.

Savita Prem best cook in the world

Having the Best Mum in the world of course means you have an amazing chef in the kitchen. The Indian cusquine is aromatic lightly spiced and amazingly clean cooking.

if being an amazing India cook was not enough Mum has leant to cook French patisserie, cream teas, chocolate ganache and cheese scones. My Mum panders to our different tastes fads and styles, embracing our latest purchase of a vitamix.

My mum’s cooking is so famous it’s featured heavily in my novels But its not Fair and Cut Flowers. Schools have followed the receipts with scrumptious rewards.

My Mum has always been able to knit but in the last few years has knitted an array of hats scarves and matching mittens. Knitted in amazing cashmere’s. That just one of the reasons that makes my mum the ‘Best mum in the world – Savita Prem’

Now I have polo neck jumpers, v neck and crew ponchos, a super grey blanket and tow stunning waistcoats and twin sets. To say i’m a bit spoiled is an understatement. I am blessed and very very lucky. Discovering different wools creating timeless classics that I will cherish my whole life.

Having joined the Women’s Institute my mother has discovered new crafts. Something she loves to do and fun being taught how to make new things from book hedgehogs to flowers made from zips.

Cherish your Mum

If your mum comes close, cherish every moment make time for your mum. You only ever have one and they are irreplaceable. They have given us life, love and laughter. Teaching us how to love and how experience joy and happiness. Best mum in the world – Savita Prem

Unconditional love, friendship and understanding. being able to share any secret, and even when i’m wrong she makes me feel like I am right.

The help and support Best mum in the world – Savita Prem has given me working on Freedom Charity As well as helping numerous women and girls who have been at risk of forced marriage or FGM.

I love you Mum, the Best Mum in the World.