Aneeta Prem, Forced Marriage, Legal Changes, Virginity Testing, Hymenoplasty, Age of Consent, Education

“But It’s Not Fair”

“But It’s Not Fair”

Third Edition

Aneeta Prem, Forced Marriage, Legal Changes, Virginity Testing, Hymenoplasty, Age of Consent, EducationAddressing a New Landscape of Laws

The law is not static; it’s a living entity, adapting and morphing as society evolves. That’s why the third edition of “But It’s Not Fair” needed to come to life. This edition addresses the significant changes in UK law around Forced Marriage, including issues of virginity testing, hymenoplasty, and the monumental shift in the age of consent for marriage being raised to 18.

Why Virginity Testing and Hymenoplasty Are Crucial Topics

Virginity testing and hymenoplasty have sadly become part and parcel of the forced marriage discourse. These practices are not just medically unnecessary but are fundamentally rooted in gender inequality. They subject young women to humiliation and emotional trauma, thereby perpetuating a cycle of Dishonour Abuse.

Celebrating Legal Milestones: The Age of Consent

One of the most notable legal changes in the UK has been the raising of the age of consent for marriage to 18. This isn’t just a number; it’s a safeguard against child marriage and a victory for human rights. By incorporating this into the new edition, the book aims to educate the young and the old alike on this significant milestone.

A Book for All School Children

The ambition is clear: “But It’s Not Fair” should be in the hands of every school child in the UK. It’s not merely a book but an educational package, designed to nurture critical thinking and moral clarity.

Young Men: Part of the Solution

Discussions on Forced Marriage often centre around young women, but young men play an equally vital role. They need to be part of the conversation and, more importantly, part of the solution. Only when both genders understand the gravitas of Forced Marriage can we hope to eradicate it.

The Unwavering Mission of Freedom Charity

Freedom Charity has been at the forefront of these battles, and the third edition of “But It’s Not Fair” is yet another arrow in our quiver. The book has been lauded widely, receiving excellent reviews on platforms like Amazon. It aims to serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and tangible change.

A Final Word

As the third edition of “But It’s Not Fair” rolls off the presses, it carries with it ink and the hopes and dreams of a society that wishes to consign Forced Marriage to the annals of history. But It’s Not Fair” by Aneeta Prem: A Groundbreaking Update on Forced Marriage and Legal Reforms



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