Trigeminal neuralgia Aneeta Prem

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is the most painful condition in the world.


So what is Trigeminal Neuralgia ? ( TN)

Simply put TN is sudden, intense facial pain.

What Does TN feel like

It’s hard to describe too often described what a TN attack feels like.

For me, a Trigeminal neuralgia attack feels like hundreds of electric shocks, suddenly attacking my face.

It can feel like shards of glass or razors digging into your face.

The pain can be in my eyes and jaw. Some suffer the pain is in the teeth and gums.

TN  is also called the Suicide disease because of how painful it is.

A few celebrities over time have suffered from this disease, including Blink 182 drummer Tra

vis Barker,

What cause TN?

The fifth cranial nerve provides intense pain to the left or right side of your face.

I have been found to have compressions on both sides of my face. So my TN is bilateral which fortunately is rare.

Help for TN

For anyone diagnosed I would recommend joining TNA UK.

This is a UK-registered national charity. it helps anyone who has TN and Face Pain. Offering a free helpline phone number 08009991899.

There are national webinars with the leading world experts on TN. Which I have the privilege to host as the CEO of TNA UK.

A chance to meet others with Tn in Regional Support Meetings.

Once a member with a modest joining fee of twenty pounds per year.

There is little research on cures for TN. Surgery helps many with the pain.

There is now a moment in time to make a difference.





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